Over 10,000 Inspections, 22 years.

January 22, 2021 10:45 pm

Hello everyone,

This time of year we always think of how nice it is to sit in front of a roaring wood fire. But we don’t think about is how often that flue should be cleaned. In fact, most fire marshals recommend yearly!

Have your damper, your fire box, and your flue checked to keep your home safe.

I started out as a real estate agent in 1988. I maintain a real estate license and have lock box access. I’ve been inspecting homes for 22 years; over 10,000 Inspections.

For those of you who have not met us, Tim and I would love to have your customers call us for a price or availability. We work 7 days a week except Christmas.

Thank you,

Michele and Tim

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